About me

I am a postdoctoral fellow in Department of Psychology at University of Toronto Scarborough. My main interest concerns the nature of semantic knowledge that humans use to understand languages, in particular, polysemy and lexical ambiguity. Currently, I am working on regular polysemy and the multimodal nature of lexical ambiguity with computational models.

I was initially trained as a philosopher of language and worked in formal semantics and pragmatics, but I have more recently worked in the field of psycholinguistics and computational linguistics. As a result, I try to connect these different fields by using behavioral experiments and computational modeling, such as deep neural networks and statistical models, to verify different theories of lexical meaning, compositional meaning, and pragmatics. My long term goal is to utilize my interdisciplinary background to understand scientifically the nature of language and cognition with the help of contemporary philosophical theorizing, and promote interdisciplinary cooperation between different fields of studies on language.